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You've been dreaming about being an author. You've been thinking and talking about it. You've been waiting for... What, exactly? Isn't it time you partnered with a coach who gets results?

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Mia Zachary

Author, Coach, Speaker

Award-winning writer, multi-published author and seasoned instructor Mia Zachary guides you through the hardest parts of writing so you can create the best book you’re capable of.


Hours of Daydreaming


Hours Honing Craft


Books Sold So Far

Why You Need a Book Coach

To Offer Clarity

You need an objective resource to help you refine your idea and suggest ways to execute it

To Provide Structure

You need proven techniques, constructive feedback and a trademarked system

To Offer Guidance

You need someone to lead you through the process and help develop your material

To Inspire & Focus

You need someone to get you unstuck, unblocked, and keep you going every time

To Offer Support

You need accountability and someone to help you through the hardest parts of creating

To Deliver Results

You need a subject matter expert with a track record of demonstrated mastery

How Your Book Comes To Life

paper and keyboard for FB

No matter what type of story you want to tell- Fictional, Personal, Instructional or Motivational, Mia will help you address your top three excuses (no time, no motivation and no direction) by leading you in how to get started, how to keep going and how to get it done.

Stop Waiting For Inspiration

     You’ve been thinking about your story. You’ve been talking about your book. But you’re still waiting for your Muse??
    The Muses were Greek goddesses, patrons of the arts and sciences. They inspired all creative artists, especially poets and philosophers (Calliope’s symbol was the writing tablet). Those fortunate enough to be inspired by the Muses were held in the highest esteem. 
     Is it any wonder so many writers anxiously wait for brilliance to strike so they can collect awards, starred reviews and big fat checks?
     Unfortunately, the Muses were mythical beings and ‘writing’ is a verb, which means you have to take action. The good news is that when you partner with Mia as your Book Coach, it’s like having your very own creative goddess whenever you need one!

How We’ll Spend Our Time

Fire Starter        60 mins    Introduction        Phone, Person

Flight Plan         2 Hours     Vision, Goal          Phone; Person

Ignition              30 mins     Brainstorming     Phone; Video

Spark                  10 mins      Accountability     Phone

Acceleration     10 Hours   Intensive            In Person, Group

How Services Are Packaged


Motivation– 15 Hours

A 3 month option that gives you personalized guidance to help you complete your book project.  1 Fire Starter session to clarify your premise and goals, 2 Flight Plan sessions to create a basic structure and to assess progress, 12 Ignition brainstorming calls, 10 Spark calls and a 30 page critique. 

Acceleration – 10 Hours

If you want to jump-start your book project,  this is the option for you. 1 Flight Plan and 8 hours laser-focused creation in a high-energy, interactive environment. You will have a 1st Draft at the end of this day.

Production– 25 Hours

If you’re the type who wants to get results and save $250, then this bundled 4 month option is for you.

More Information

  • Stop Waiting For Inspiration

  • How We’ll Spend Our Time

  • How Services Are Packaged

Want a Test Flight?

Let's talk about your book idea, clarify your concept and put some strategies in place! I offer a free 30 minute Discovery Session.  What are you waiting for?  Either set an appointment or contact me to schedule or ask questions.
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Raving Fans

Jennifer Michael

Jennifer Michael

“The Intensive reviewed critical elements of story and character development, as well as demonstrating the value of the writing process. I went empty-handed and left with two fully developed story plans, complete with characters, plot points, twists, and strong endings. Mia is invaluable for new and experienced writers alike— Highly recommended!”

Carl Powell

Carl Powell

"I found Mia to be both knowledgeable and easy to work with. Having her provide an affordable, complete package was the icing on the cake! I'd recommend her to anyone looking to produce a quality product. I look forward to working with her again and again!!"

Kashonna Holland

Kashonna Holland

Mia has a phenomenal gift that transcends the norm. She has the ability to extract what you don't even realize is there! Spending time with her helped me streamline my thoughts... and it was worth every minute!"

Marc Stoecker

Marc Stoecker

"Mia worked to awaken the writer in me and also to press past any fears or doubts, helped me to put the ideas in the right place and also challenged me. Her friendliness allows her to be easily approachable and her attitude towards other people’s dreams and passion for writing is so genuine."

Here Are Your Options

A Little About Mia


Mia Zachary wrote her first book at age five for her little brother. She kept writing as she grew up and her first real book was published to raving reviews. She has since gone on to sell over 385,ooo copies of her fiction novels to date and 4 non-fiction books. Mia is an award-winning writer, respected book coach and the trademarked creator of the Writing Blocks Idea Dice® and the From Mind… To Manuscript!® writing system.

Private Life

I’m addicted to Coca Cola. My favorite colors are purple, blue and green. I love being near the ocean. I’m afraid of heights. I’ll deal with spiders, but cannot tolerate ants. I have to have music wherever I go. I live to create.


I believe in the power of words to affect emotion, alter opinions, influence thinking and change lives. I believe everybody has a story, and that those stories matter.

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