A Little About Mia


Mia Zachary wrote her first book at age five for her little brother. She kept writing as she grew up and her first real book was published to raving reviews. She has since gone on to sell over 385,ooo copies of her fiction novels to date and 4 non-fiction books. Mia is an award-winning writer, respected book coach and the trademarked creator of the Writing Blocks Idea Dice® and the From Mind… To Manuscript!® writing system.

Private Life

I’m addicted to Coca Cola. My favorite colors are purple, blue and green. I love being near the ocean. I’m afraid of heights. I’ll deal with spiders, but cannot tolerate ants. I have to have music wherever I go. I live to create.


I believe in the power of words to affect emotion, alter opinions, influence thinking and change lives. I believe everybody has a story, and that those stories matter.