How Your Book Comes To Life

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No matter what type of story you want to tell- Fictional, Personal, Instructional or Motivational, Mia will help you address your top three excuses (no time, no motivation and no direction) by leading you in how to get started, how to keep going and how to get it done.

Stop Waiting For Inspiration

     You’ve been thinking about your story. You’ve been talking about your book. But you’re still waiting for your Muse??
    The Muses were Greek goddesses, patrons of the arts and sciences. They inspired all creative artists, especially poets and philosophers (Calliope’s symbol was the writing tablet). Those fortunate enough to be inspired by the Muses were held in the highest esteem. 
     Is it any wonder so many writers anxiously wait for brilliance to strike so they can collect awards, starred reviews and big fat checks?
     Unfortunately, the Muses were mythical beings and ‘writing’ is a verb, which means you have to take action. The good news is that when you partner with Mia as your Book Coach, it’s like having your very own creative goddess whenever you need one!

How We’ll Spend Our Time

Fire Starter        60 mins    Introduction        Phone, Person

Flight Plan         2 Hours     Vision, Goal          Phone; Person

Ignition              30 mins     Brainstorming     Phone; Video

Spark                  10 mins      Accountability     Phone

Acceleration     10 Hours   Intensive            In Person, Group

How Services Are Packaged


Motivation– 15 Hours

A 3 month option that gives you personalized guidance to help you complete your book project.  1 Fire Starter session to clarify your premise and goals, 2 Flight Plan sessions to create a basic structure and to assess progress, 12 Ignition brainstorming calls, 10 Spark calls and a 30 page critique. 

Acceleration – 10 Hours

If you want to jump-start your book project,  this is the option for you. 1 Flight Plan and 8 hours laser-focused creation in a high-energy, interactive environment. You will have a 1st Draft at the end of this day.

Production– 25 Hours

If you’re the type who wants to get results and save $250, then this bundled 4 month option is for you.

More Information

  • Stop Waiting For Inspiration

  • How We’ll Spend Our Time

  • How Services Are Packaged

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